While we are still accepting and printing projects at this time, please plan for significant delays and supplies shortages due to Coronavirus prevention. Learn more.

3D Printing Service

Turn your ideas into reality. The library's 3D printer uses your digital file, plastic filament and heat to "paint" your three-dimensional object layer by layer.

Example Projects

  • Create a prototype for potential investors.
  • Design a model or replica.
  • Make a tool or replacement part.
  • Build a prosthetic.
  • Create art.

How does it work?

Service available to anyone 18 years or older with a Westerville Library card in good standing. Minors must submit projects through a parent or guardian.

  1. Find, edit or create a project.
  2. Convert your file to format .STL or .OBJ.
  3. Email your project file and library card number to 3dprinting@westervillelibrary.org.
  4. Within 2 business days, your project will be evaluated and library staff will contact you with a cost quote.
  5. Approve the quote.
  6. Within 14 days of approval, your project will be scheduled to print.
  7. Within 10 days of completion, you must pay for and pick up your project.

What equipment is involved?

Watch the 3D printer in action. 

What else do I need to know?

Your use of the 3D printer is subject to the library's Terms of Use.

  • Cost: $1.50 per meter of filament*
  • Filament: Library-supplied. No custom filament or custom colors will be accepted.
  • File Format: .STL or .OBJ
  • Melting Point: 190 degrees**
  • Payment: Credit card, cash or check accepted.***
  • Pickup: Upon completion, projects must be picked up from the Reserve Room within 10 days.****
  • Schedule: Projects may be scheduled in advance up to 14 days.
  • Size: Less than or equal to 223 x 223 x 305mm

*Cost is rounded up to the next whole meter. 

**Be aware that due to the composition and melting point of the filament, projects may not be weather-proof or suitable for some household applications.

***Payment is due upon pickup of the completed project. If a project cannot be completed due to mechanical error on the part of the 3D printing machine, you will not be charged. Projects will be re-attempted once at the next available time.

****If you fail to pickup and pay for a project within 10 days, it will become the property of the library and the cost of the project will be added to your library card account as a fine.

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